About Me

Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything you want.  I created this website because when I first decided to build a house I couldn’t find a lot of research material.  Of course, there are thousands of construction books out there, but I wanted to follow along on one project step-by-step and I wanted to hear it from the point of view of someone like me, instead of a professional contractor.  It is my hope that there are others out there looking for something similar to what I desired, and it is my goal to provide that for them.


I would love to help others who share my passion for saving sustainably fulfill their dreams of building as I am.  A good first step is to find someone who can show you the ropes.  I was lucky enough to have a relative with a ton of experience and knowledge who happened to be building a house for his daughter at the precise time I approached him.  I’ve never worked with Habitat for Humanity but they actually use a lot of advanced building techniques and I think they would be a good resource.  If you can’t find someone experienced to learn from, or if you just want to get more of a first hand glimpse of what this is all about, you are more than welcome to spend a few days with me on the lot.  Just use the comment section at the bottom of the page and I will get back to you.


I see this house as only a first step for me when it comes to saving sustainably.  I was able to retire at the age of 36 because I saved as much of my money as possible, and I plan on making that money last for the rest of my years by continuing to save.  Obviously building your own house is probably the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to saving money, but I plan on many future projects that will also help me save as well.  Once the house is complete, I look forward to building a year round greenhouse, an electric bicycle, and a plastic recycling machine.  Not only will these projects save me money in groceries, gas, and plastics, but will also help the environment.  I look forward to sharing many of these Saving Sustainably ideas with you in the future so follow along!




I’m trying to be as descriptive as possible but it’s inevitable that I will leave something out.  If you want a close up pic of any of the building details, a copy of my plans, or even just a more detailed explanation of anything just let me know.  Best of luck!